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Hector Ofori, a master artists is often described as a master craftsman with a classical eye. His intricate layering of images and media always conveys a touch of the avant-garde, giving his work extraordinary scope and appeal. Both witty and whimsical, Hector uses a richly-colored layering technique to gently tease and delight. The influences of Picasso and Broque are evident, along with his sheer joy in creation.

Hector, passionate about depicting the value in the subtleties of everyday life, demonstrates this beauty through the ponderous moods of his rich and evocative color field paintings. Perhaps it is his love of African culture that leads him to place high value on balance and serenity in his work, and his fondness for the shimmering translucence of oils and eastern watercolors that gives him such a command of subtle shading

Hector Ofori, a native of Ghana, a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. His style is varied, cutting edge, new and often described as “CONTOURISM”. Hector also works with a palette knife creating paintings which are rich in color, have a marvelous texture and sweeping beauty. They are marvels of poetic vitality.

Hector’s paintings are enjoyed in private collections throughout the world and his works have been exhibited at prestigious galleries throughout the United States, Europe and Africa.

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