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Bolaji Aremu is a young but seasoned artist and performer with a record of accomplishment in the artistic, educational and  social arenas. A native of Nigeria, now residing in Ghana, Bolaji characterizes his style as an artist as a controlled attempt to fuse the bulk of sculptured figures with two dimensional art. He describes his work as employing variations of concentric lines and somewhat raw color as the stimulus to motivate the viewer's field of interest and move the eyes along the surface of the canvas. Bolaji is a master artist who creates works that are dazzling, thought provoking, whimsical, dramatic and fun. He works in a variety of media including serigraphs, monotypes, lithographs, acrylics watercolors, and mixed media collages. "As an artist, many times I create what I feel, think and see in the world around me," explains Bolaji, "It is often times a window into my very soul. I pour out myself onto the canvas. What you see in everything I do is a very small piece of my being." Bolaji is an artist who grows and changes. He challenges and stretches himself, never falling back on what he has done in the past. What he masters today will be history tomorrow.

Vibrant colors and contemporary design fuse together to become essential elements in Bolaji's works. As his incredible style dances across the surface of the canvas, a voice, sometimes soft, sometimes loud, seems to communicate with the viewer. It best describes and represents Bolaji's distinguishable energy and style. His award winning works can be found and is being shown in galleries and exhibits across the U.S.
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